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As I type this I’m making the final corrections to my manuscript – it’s been almost 4 years since this crazy project started. But, 2014 has been an amazing year for putting the final pieces of the puzzle into action, receiving humbling support from backers, and digging into the details of what the final book will look, feel, and smell like. By this time next year you will have “Re-Entry” in your hands! I can’t wait for you to experience it, enjoy it, and bask in the stories!  

I think I might have told this before, bear with me.

After moving back to Detroit in 2008, I had some work in an art show at the, sadly, defunct CPOP galley in Midtown Detroit. At the show I met Rick Manore, founder of the gallery, and we started chatting. In the course of conversation he mentioned “Jerry Vile” aka Jerry Peterson. I remember saying something like “Someone should do a book about ORBIT.”

About 2 years later I called Rick – “I think I have to time to do that book.”

After a meeting with Jerry and getting his support, I pitched the idea to Wayne State University Press and I was given the greenlight in the summer of 2011.

Here we are – on the cusp of a New Year and the 25th anniversary of ORBIT in 2015!

Maybe you were a backer.Maybe you helped in some way with an idea, a source or an item. Maybe you just loved Detroit punk rock, FUN magazine or ORBIT. Whatever brought us together in 2014, thank you for your support!

Let’s make ORBY’s 25th birthday in 2015 one for the history books!

Rob St. Mary