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When you work on something long enough it starts to feel like a part of you – like a limb or a growth (don’t worry, it’s benign). It’s been 4 years since I started to the ORBIT book project and, now, it’s “done.” I put “done” in quotes because it doesn’t quite feel like I’m finished. Not that I’m not happy with it, or there’s something missing, but, like I said when you live with a project this long it feels like more than just words and images on a page.

On Friday I sent back the files with the final notes to my editor and designer at Wayne State University Press. Barring any problems, I don’t expect any that will be it for me – the final corrections before it goes to press and delivered to the warehouse later this summer for the September 1st release date.

But, before I put it to bed, I thought I’d share a few images with you from the book. These are just a few photos I took of the black and white proof pages. The actual book will be in full color and larger. I figured you might find them interesting to look at, giving you a sense of the various sections, ideas, on a small scale. 

Flyers from Bookie’s Club 870 – White Noise section 
Melvindale Community College – Fun section

If you want to see more images from the book, color scans of pages and photos, check out the book page on the Wayne State University Press site.

Again, the book comes out September 1st. Please join me and special guests at the book events we have planned for early/mid-September around Detroit. I’ll be adding more dates, places, and cities as they come together.

Catching with the “Anniversary Boy” – Orbit section

Thanks again for your support and following the latest with the ORBIT book!

All the best,

Rob St. Mary