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I’ve been home just about 2 months today from Colorado, and with that mini-milestone comes a big announcement – a new arts/culture show with the Detroit Free Press hosted by yours truly.

Orby’s Along for the Ride (Photo by Eric Seals – Detroit Free Press)
The show is called “Detours”. The episodes will drop on iTunes, and the Freep website, every Thursday morning. The show is an interview podcast with great artists – local and national – doing things in Detroit. You’ll also get a rundown of what’s happening for your weekend.

The show was a gift, of sorts. Arts/Entertainment Editor Steve Byrne talked to me at Jerry Vile’s most recent art opening about an idea he had. We didn’t get into specifics that night, but a few coffee meetings later… here we are. It’s a great honor to get to share my love of audio, the things I find cool around town, and introduce you to some amazing folks doing great work.

I also want to give a big shout out to Eddie Logix for the theme and all the beats you’ll hear on the show. That guy is mega talented! So, check out his tracks and become a fan – LIKE ME! 

So, do me a favor – give it a listen. Tell me what you think.