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Rob's New Book: "The Orbit Magazine Anthology"

Rob released his first book in early September 2015, “The Orbit Magazine Anthology”.

The four year passion project focused on reprinting and telling the stories related to creation of Orbit, Fun, and White Noise magazines, their eclectic staffs, and prankster ringleader “Jerry Vile” Peterson.

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Born and raised in Macomb County’s Clinton Township, Rob cultivated a love of music, writing, and media at a young age.

After learning to play guitar at age 14, Rob co-created an underground student newspaper at 17 because he felt the school’s paper was too restrictive. At 19, he produced an independent film, “Tainted” – a vampire/comedy, that played at the 1999 Cannes Film Festival and was picked up by Troma Entertainment, the company best known for “The Toxic Avenger.”

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Orby Rises From the Grave (Kind of)!

About a year ago a good friend, and man who helped to make the book possible by connecting me to Jerry Vile and other threads, Rick Manore started talking to me about the idea of an “Orbit Takeover” of the Metro Times. I have to say, I loved the idea. Here...

Kid Rock’s “First Kiss” at DTE

I’ve told the story so many times people are probably sick of hearing it. The story is how Kid Rock donated to my book campaign, received my original Niagara “Hot Box #1” painting as a gift, and decided to make it the cover art for his “First...

Face-to-Face with His Story

Today, August 7th, was the day Jerry Vile had the chance to come face-to-face with himself through the pages of the book. Before now, Jerry had read the text of the book with some descriptions of what might be on the pages in terms of reprints, images, and other...