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Today, August 7th, was the day Jerry Vile had the chance to come face-to-face with himself through the pages of the book.

Before now, Jerry had read the text of the book with some descriptions of what might be on the pages in terms of reprints, images, and other materials. But, he had not seen any of the design layouts or concepts before I placed the 3lb piece in his hands around noon.

The subject meets himself through “The Orbit Magazine Anthology” 

As Jerry went page-by-page, and he took his time, he would often remark “Wow!”, and laugh a bit while he re-read some of the pieces by himself and other magazine staffers.

Before it was over, he told me he was extremely impressed with the final result. He remarked that it was bigger than he thought it would be and he thought the layout was good. If you know Jerry Vile, you know he doesn’t ladle on the praise for things that he doesn’t feel is worth it.

At the same time. I’m sure it was a bit weird for him to see the complete, final result of his assistance with me to tell the whole story that started 4 years ago. It’s always a little odd when someone writes about you, your life, and work.

Before I took off, I autographed the first copy for him:


         The honor is mine… the story is yours. 

                                        Thank you, 

                                             Rob St. Mary

It is truly an honor. I hope others, you, will enjoy it as much as Jerry did when you get your mitts on a copy starting September 1st.